October 25 - November 1

Mastena: A Greeting
New mixed-media by Donald Oblongata

Escape Java Joint • 916 Williamson Street

Reception Friday, October 26, 6 - 9pm

ClockTower Radio Ministry Listening Party
Monday, October 29 at 6 - 9pm

In addition to assembling an intense sight and sound experience a portion of the exhibit's reception (Oct.26) will be recorded for broadcast that following monday night. (Oct. 29)
We hope you can join us for all the festivities.

Monday, October 29

JehovOrd's Witness ClockTower Radio Ministry

89.9 FM WORT Access Hour 7- 8pm click here to listen online!

Rev. Two Cups, Eliot Tennyson, Donald Oblongata, and gang will talk theology, physical science, and the "Number 2" on this special Halloween Edition.

Get in the element. Experience in full. Join us in the Escape Java Joint Art Gallery for a special ClockTower Ministry listening party! 916 Williamson Street 6-9pm.





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